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Talend Releases v5.3 of Integration Platform – Generates Native Hadoop Code

Talend v5.3 Data Integration with Hadoop Coding

Talend v5.3 Data Integration with Hadoop CodingTalend, today announced the availability of version 5.3 of its integration platform that scales the integration of data, application and business processes of any complexity. With version 5.3, Talend redefines the skillsets and development costs required to leverage big data and Hadoop by enabling any integration developer to develop on big data platforms without requiring specific expertise in these areas.

“Hadoop and NoSQL are changing the way people manage and analyze data, but up until now, it has been difficult to work with these technologies. The general lack of skillsets required to manage these new technologies continues to be a significant barrier to mainstream adoption,” said Fabrice Bonan, co-founder and chief technical officer, Talend. “Talend v5.3 delivers on our vision of providing innovative tools that hide the underlying complexity of big data, turning anyone with integration skills into expert big data developers.”

Talend v5.3 generates native Hadoop code and runs data transformations directly inside Hadoop. By leveraging MapReduce’s architecture for highly distributed data processing, data integration developers can build their jobs on Hadoop – without the need for specialist programming skills. Not only does Talend’s development environment shorten the learning curve, it also provides reassurance to both developers and IT management that integration processes will be 100 percent compliant with Hadoop and will fully leverage big data resources.

For more details on this latest release from Talend – follow the link here.

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