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Top 10 Data Integration Best Practices from The Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI)

Top 10 Best Practices for Data Integration

Top 10 Best Practices for Data IntegrationWe launched Solutions Review with the goal of searching out and aggregating the best content in specific technology disciplines like Data Integration. It is always nice to find a spot-on presentation that helps us build the best stockpile of content. And this slideshow list from The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) is an excellent, light and breezy set of best practices.

As stated in summary: “The data management discipline known as data integration (DI) has undergone an impressive expansion over the last decade. Today it has reached a critical mass of multiple techniques used in diverse applications and business contexts. Vendor products have achieved maturity; users have grown their DI teams to epic proportions; competency centers regularly staff DI work; and DI as a discipline has earned its autonomy from related practices like data warehousing and database administration.”

“Given all this change, it’s not surprising that people in the field might not be up to speed on the current incarnation of DI. Even DI specialists and the colleagues who depend on them sometimes forget the new techniques, diversity, independence, collaboration, and governance typical of modern DI practices. Many suffer misconceptions and out-of-date mindsets that need adjustment.”

Check it out here.

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