The Urban Legends of ERP Software

In his 20-minute presentation, Eric Kimberling, CEO and Founder of Third Stage Consulting Group provides us with some of the most common bits of misinformation and urban legends of the ERP software industry. Third Stage Consulting helps clients with all aspects of their digital transformation journeys. The Third Stage team helps clients evaluate and implement the top ERP systems.

According to Kimberling, the ERP software industry has always been full of biases and economic self interest, but the amount of misinformation being spread has reached a new high. This video outlines the top 10 hoaxes that have been perpetuated by the ERP software industry and ERP vendors, which CIOs and other project team members should be aware of as they continue on their digital transformation journeys.

When critical decisions and strategies are based on this misinformation, project teams may find themselves surrounded in ERP failures. By better understanding the truths behind these myths, you can make better-informed decisions to make your initiative more successful. Enjoy!

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Elizabeth Quirk
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