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Ivanti Announces Self-Service Password Management Solution

The Diversity of Multifactor Authentication Methods

Ivanti Announces Self-Service Password Management Solution

Yesterday, Ivanti—a cybersecurity and IT management solution provider best known for its endpoint security—announced a brand new solution: the Ivanti Password Director. The Ivanti Password Director is a self-service password management solution designed to enable quick and secure password resets.

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Using this new self-service password manager, employees can unlock their accounts from the WIndows pre-login screen, a self-service portal, or a mobile app without needing to contact your enterprise service desk. The explicit goal of the Ivanti Password Director is to alleviate the burden on IT help desks by reducing the number of password reset calls they must field.

Ian Aitchison, Senior Product Director at Ivanti, said in a statement: “Password reset requests are one of the leading reasons that end users reach out to the service desk and they can be one of the most expensive burdens for IT.”

“By expanding our offering to include an integrated, automated and self-service password management solution, we are providing our customers with greater flexibility of choice when it comes to increasing productivity, enforcing stronger password policies and enhancing their overall security posture,” Mr. Aitchison continued.  

The Ivanti Password Director also provides support for secondary email, security questions, and one-time PIN and support for a wide range of end-user environments. Ivanti’s foray into authentication indicates previous predictions about identity management subsuming all other forms of cybersecurity. Indeed, some have even proclaimed identitty as the new perimeter, supplanting endpoints.

You can learn more about the Ivanti Password Director and self-service password management here.

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