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SailPoint Unveils IT Professionals Survey on Identity Theft

Think Your SMB Is Safe From Cyber Threats? You're Wrong

SailPoint Unveils IT Professionals Survey on Identity Theft

Recently, identity governance and administration solution provider SailPoint surveyed 400 IT leaders in honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The survey’s focus: digital identity theft and what behaviors IT leaders engage in that could their…and your employees’…identities at risk.

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For context, identity theft is almost always framed as a consumer only issue. However, enterprises should be deeply concerned about employee identity theft as well. If your employees’ credentials fall into the wrong hands—whether an external hacker or insider threat—then they could access sensitive or proprietary databases. They could dwell on your network for months undetected. Or they could use their opportunity to download malware onto your network directly.  

While managing your employees’ privileges and administrating over their roles is essential in preventing these attacks from wreaking extensive damage, working to prevent identity theft can help you avoid damage in the first place.   

The key findings from the SailPoint Identity Theft survey include:

  • 65% of respondents are “really worried” about identity theft.
  • 20% repeat passwords across work and personal accounts.
  • 13% would share their password with a co-worker.
  • 16% of IT professionals would email sensitive company data to their personal email.
  • 20% of people said they would share their building access badge with someone (who may or may not be a fellow employee).  

Ultimately, you should educate your employees to understand the importance of creating unique passwords and of keeping credentials private in all circumstances. To learn more digital identity theft and what your enterprise can do to prevent it, you can read the full SailPoint Survey results here.

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