Infusionsoft Rebrands as Keap to Expand Solution Offerings

InfusionSoft Rebrands as Keap to Expand Solution Offerings

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Arizona-based marketing automation and CRM provider Infusionsoft has announced that they will be rebranding as Keap effective immediately. While they will continue to provide their previous services, Keap’s rebrand allows them to pursue new endeavors, the first of which takes several cues from their more familiar automation products.

The rebrand comes as a result of the company’s latest product: a client management system designed to automate and streamline processes in the home, personal and professional service industries, with an emphasis on small-mid sized enterprises. The product, also named Keap, will function in a similar way to a more familiar CRM/marketing automation by managing client information and freeing up time by automating some of the simpler tasks on a company’s to-do list.

“We discovered small service providers waste time juggling five to seven tools just to book appointments, send communications, provide quotes or collect payments. That is 50 hours a month that could be spent servicing more clients, growing the business or at home with family,” said Keap CEO Clate Mask. “As the market leader dedicated to small business success, we knew we had to make this easier.”

Those already invested in Infuisionsoft’s more familiar products need not worry. The vendor has stated they will continue to support their older offerings under a different name. “We’ll continue to lead the CRM and marketing automation industry with exciting updates coming this year with what we are now calling ‘Infusionsoft by Keap’,” said COO Keith Reed. “With the introduction of our new Keap product, we are able to serve an even larger market of small service providers who have been shut out of the benefits of automation because software providers have made it too hard and expensive.”

Click here to read more about the rebrand and future plans for the company.

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