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The 10 Best Marketing Automation Blogs You Should Be Reading

The 10 Best Marketing Automation Blogs You Should Be Reading

The 10 Best Marketing Automation Blogs You Should Be Reading

If your business uses marketing automation software, you’ll want to stay in the loop when it comes to new developments. It’s a relatively new concept, so staying up to date with the most recent information is the name of the game. Luckily, with the rise of marketing automation also came the rise of blogs dedicated to providing noteworthy information for enterprise organizations and interested individuals alike.

But the problem is that you won’t have time to sift through every single blog space out there and you might not know which ones have the most useful, vendor agnostic content. With this in mind, Solutions Review has compiled a collection of the best independent blogs, researchers, and news sites we’re reading to keep tabs on the marketplace. These outlets cover a wide range of topics, from opinion to best practices, and include some of the top minds in the field.

Many marketing automation blogs are run by solution providers that offer their own tools and services, so while you may run into some favoritism in terms of which software to use, you know that these authors have considerable experience in the marketplace. The advice these blogs offer can give you the knowledge you need to successfully use marketing automation in your own environment. Check out the list of marketing automation blogs you should be reading below.

Chief Marketing Technologist

Scott Brinker currently works as VP Platform Ecosystem at Hubspot, where he helps the company synergize with other software and technologies. He also runs the Chief Marketing Technologist blog, where he writes about the ways new developments in marketing technology are transforming the marketing space as a whole. His mission is to tell marketers that they must adapt to the changes in marketing technology, and his publication lets them know how they can.


Billing themselves as a “digital marketing community,” ClickZ provides news and insights on topics in the digital marketing field. They compile articles and news reports written by their staff as well as links to relevant events and webinars. In addition, they publish weekly reports on the latest in marketing technology to keep their users up-to-date on the newest trends and significant events.

Customer Experience Matrix

Run by marketing technology consultant David Raab, Customer Experience Matrix offers commentary on breaking news in marketing technology. Raab’s credentials are noteworthy, as he is the Principal of Raab Associates Inc. and the founder of the Customer Data Platform Institute. He doesn’t just inform his audience of what’s happening in martech, he also puts his voice into the mix as well; the result is both entertaining and enlightening.

Goose Digital

Canadian marketing automation company Goose Digital helps business integrate marketing automation into their system and get the most out of their tool. Their blog is a great resource for learning about how you can make your marketing automation tool work best for your business. Or if you just want to get a wrap-up of news and best practices in marketing automation, they provide a monthly recount of important articles for you to look at.


The leading authority in digital marketing software and a trusted voice in marketing automation, HubSpot runs a blog on the latest developments in the space. HubSpot’s blog pushes the boundary on marketing automation and digital marketing, and just a quick glance at their website will show you why they’re a marketing powerhouse. If there’s one blog you absolutely need to check out from this list, it’s this one.


Marketo is one of the leaders in marketing automation tools, used by companies like CenturyLink, Nokia, and General Electric. Their blog features articles and lists on a wide variety of topics in the digital marketing field. Their writers are experts on marketing in the modern age, and it’s easy to see why their tool has seen such widespread adoption.


The independent publication MarTech is one of the forerunners in discovering the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) for marketers. They publish useful resources and editorials on how the use of AI can help improve enterprise marketing automation. Their website also features articles on every category of digital marketing, from ad tech to mobile marketing and social media strategy.


SharpSpring’s marketing automation tool focuses on behavioral-based e-mail automation and boosting your company’s CRM. Articles on their blog teach beginners and experts alike about general digital marketing terms and ideas. From content development to market automation to monitoring your sales, the SharpSpring blog is a good resource for learning about the latest trends in the marketplace.


SimplyCast is a marketing tools software provider that also runs a marketing automation blog. Their staff writes about streamlining digital marketing campaigns with marketing automation and automating communication with leads and clients. They also have several articles on preparing for marketing emergencies and crises just in case something disastrous happens to you.


UK-based provider Successflow offers several B2B digital marketing services. On their blog, you’ll find articles and resources about keeping up-to-date with all the changes in the digital marketing field. And if you’re new to digital marketing, Successflow writes guides and helpful articles about popular digital marketing tools like Salesforce Pardot to help you integrate them into your organization’s workflow.

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