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The Best Twitter Marketing Courses to Take on Udemy

Twitter Marketing Courses to Take on Udemy

Twitter Marketing Courses to Take on Udemy

The editors at Solutions Review have compiled a list spotlighting some of the best Twitter marketing courses and training programs for aspiring and beginner marketers to consider taking on Udemy. Solutions Review participates in affiliate programs and may make a small commission from products purchased through this resource.

Social media is one of the most valuable marketing channels, but it’s also one of the most unpredictable. As new platforms gain traction and best practices, marketers must stay alert and on top of the best social media marketing techniques and tools across each platform. This is especially true for Twitter, which moves at a pace that can make it challenging for marketers to connect with their target customers.

With that in mind, our editors have compiled a list of the top Twitter marketing courses and training programs on the Udemy learning platform. These courses will help beginner, aspiring, and active marketers learn about Twitter marketing, practice content creation skills, and maintain their expertise to succeed in the changing marketing world. For ease of access, we have included these courses in alphabetical order. 

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The Best Twitter Marketing Courses to Take on Udemy

Course Title: Twitter Ads: Twitter Advertising 2022 Certification Course

OUR TAKE: With this compact training course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to start using Twitter’s advertising tools and campaigns and connect with your target audience.

Description: Social media advertising is one of the proven ways to get traction from your company’s social media marketing strategy. However, every social media platform is different, so learning how each one’s advertising tools work is essential. That’s where this compact, accessible marketing course can help. Students will learn how to launch Twitter’s objective-driven campaigns, use Twitter Ads’ targeting features, use Twitter’s Universal Tracking Pixel tool, deploy platform-specific formats, and more. The course uses a mixture of video material, exercises, and activities to help students put their skills into practice.


Course Title: Twitter Marketing & Twitter Ads For Beginners 2022

OUR TAKE: If you want a proven, step-by-step introduction to Twitter’s marketing campaign and advertising tools, this bestselling training course is the place to start.

Description: Students who enroll in this bestselling, top-rated training course can expect to receive a comprehensive but approachable summary of Twitter’s marketing and advertising toolkits. The course is taught by Joshua George, who founded an award-winning SEO agency, and includes nearly 5 hours of video lectures, over a dozen resources to help expand student learning, and more. Upon completion, marketers should be able to optimize a Twitter account, create posts that generate engagement, acquire new clients, set up Twitter ad campaigns that drive traffic to their website, and develop a conversion pipeline.


Course Title: Twitter Marketing Step by Step: From 0 To Million Followers

OUR TAKE: Give your small business’s social media presence a boost by enrolling in this top-rated course, which will teach you and your team how to create a Twitter profile that generates meaningful results for your company.

Description: Tailored to small business marketers and owners, this popular training program will help students create an impactful Twitter profile that attracts high-quality followers and drive them to a website, landing page, or affiliate link. The seven-hour course will also teach marketers what tweets tend to perform best, how to get maximum results from their Twitter content and create posting schedules primed for engagement. Led by Fettah Ben, whose courses have been taken by over 100,000 students, the program focuses on higher-level Twitter marketing tips to help businesses improve their presence on the platform.


Course Title: Twitter Marketing: 1000% Engagement & More Twitter Followers

OUR TAKE: This course has been taken by over 35,000 people, making it one of the most popular Twitter marketing training courses. If you’re looking for a quick introduction to developing an audience on Twitter, this course can help.

Description: Taught by Alex Genadinik—a bestselling author and top-rated Udemy instructor—this entry-level training course will teach marketers how to use Twitter to promote a business, personal brand, or product. Students will be introduced to tips, tricks, and best practices for getting followers, boosting engagement, earning retweets, and amplifying the reach of their Twitter content. The course can be completed in under three hours and covers topics like hashtag usage, advertising campaigns, creating Twitter-friendly infographics, using memes (or not), interacting with other users, and more.


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