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42Gears Offers SureMDM Hub for Multitenant Device Management

42Gears Offers SureMDM Hub for Multitenant Device Management
42Gears Offers SureMDM Hub for Multitenant Device Management

Source: 42Gears

42Gears is launching SureMDM Hub as a new platform through which 42Gears partners can deliver mobile device management services to customers. This new platform gives customers their own instances of SureMDM from a single SureMDM server deployment. The release comes with new features to help make multitenant devices and customer management easier for users.

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42Gears offers the SureMDM solution to secure, monitor, and manage all business endpoints, including mobile devices. SureMDM offers device and app provisioning, OS configuration, remote wipe, and remote viewing. The tool provides app management, file synchronization, sharing, and data security tools. It also facilitates remote troubleshooting of technical issues. SureMDM also provides app management capabilities that help IT manage apps on enrolled devices. 42Gears also provides products for IoT management and AI features.

A key feature in SureMDM Hub is multitenant management, which allows partners to perform all maintenance and updates on one instance of SureMDM, even if multiple clients share the instance. Other noteworthy new capabilities include easier customer onboarding through an easy-to-use admin console; multitier licensing support; robust customization options to allow SureMDM clients to personalize their experience; and API integration to let partners execute customer management, license allocation, and deallocation.

One of the primary goals behind launching SureMDM Hub was to simplify 42Gears’ offering for the customer. In the company’s official press release, 42Gears’ co-founder and CTO Prakash Gupta stated: “SureMDM Hub is a win for everyone. Partners have fewer moving parts to manage, and from the customer’s perspective, the experience of using SureMDM is easy, private, and secure.”

Learn more about SureMDM Hub here.

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