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Ericsson: Consumers Want More Innovation with 5G

Ericsson: Consumers Want More Innovation with 5G

Ericsson: Consumers Want More Innovation with 5G

According to a report recently released by Ericsson, consumers want more innovation in 5G networks via mobile applications and device features. This information comes from the Five Ways to a Better 5G report, which surveyed over 30,000 5G consumers across the globe on their 5G experience. The survey revealed where customers are satisfied with their 5G coverage and where they believe it can be improved.

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In most geographical areas covered by the report, users found more satisfaction with 5G than they did with 4G/LTE networks. With South Korea as an exception, more respondents answered that they were happy with their 5G networks than with their 4G coverage. For the United States, for example, around 45 percent answered that they were very satisfied with their 4G network versus around 57 percent saying the same for their 5G network.

However, while 5G network satisfaction is consistently ranked fairly high, especially for the early stages of 5G, some misgivings remain. Indoor 5G coverage isn’t rated as highly as it should be, especially as lockdowns forced users to work from home. 70 percent of respondents also state that they are dissatisfied with the availability of innovative 5G services.

In the company’s press release, Ericsson Research’s Head of ConsumerLab Jasmeet Singh Sethi stated: “So far, analyses of 5G network experiences have mostly focused on 5G speeds and availability based on independent network measurements. But it is equally important to understand how 5G early adopters perceive that experience. With Ericsson ConsumerLab’s five recommendations and insights, CSPs can encourage 5G adoption and meet consumer expectations.”

Download your copy of the report Five Ways to a Better 5G report here.

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