3 Must See Videos About PeopleFluent’s Talent Management Suite

3 Must See Videos About PeopleFluent's Talent Management Suite

PeopleFluent is a leading total workforce Human Capital Management (HCM) solution provider who pride themselves on redefining talent management with their innovative Talent Engagement Cloud, build around people and not HR processes.

By embedding pervasive video, strategic analytics and collaborative social technologies into their Mirror Suite of talent management applications, the company redefines employee engagement. PeopleFluent gives companies the opportunity to change at the speed of business without costly IT interventions through intuitive, highly configurable software.

In this post, we’ve chosen to focus on three of PeopleFluent’s product demo videos from their YouTube channel as a way of providing an in-depth explanation of how customers can leverage PeopleFluent’s platforms to better improve their workforce, enjoy!

This short video provides a general overview of PeopleFluent’s Mirror, the company’s talent management software suite. Built around people instead if HR processes, the Mirror Suite integrates innovative video and social technologies into all talent applications. The system delivers a deeply personalized and collaborative experience that drives incredible talent engagement and improved business performance.

This video clocks in at about four and a half minutes, but provides an in-depth explanation of PeopleFluent’s performance management and provides a visual product demo. Since performance management is the foundation of all talent management elements, whether its recruiting, succession, learning or compensation, this video demo is important for understanding how performance management can help manage your organizations workforce.

This video explains how recruiting software from PeopleFluent offers the broadest suite of talent acquisition solutions for informed hiring decisions across the entire workforce. The PeopleFluent Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Software product demo video also provides a look into this total talent acquisition solution and how it goes well beyond a normal Applicant Tracking System (ATS) by providing organizations with the speed and quality of hire to transform the recruiting process.

We encourage you to check out their YouTube channel for more product demos and great insights into the talent management software space.

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