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The Science Behind Talent Management

The Science Behind Talent Management

The Science Behind Talent Management

For years, companies have tried their best to make talent decisions based on judgement, common sense, and good faith regarding what is in the best interest of employees, leaders and the company as a whole. The emerging field of analytics and Big Data is now revealing that many such long-standing talent management practices may not be the best way to approach the subject.

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This data comes from everywhere: cell phone GPS signals, social media posts, e-mail and electronic communications, even employee records.

At the same time, new insights into brain science and human behavior are emerging as well. Scientists are developing insights into everything from how we learn to what motivates us, revealing a fundamental mismatch between what science knows and what business often does. These insights are far from common sense and at first glance, may seem counter-intuitive. Applied to the workforce however, they have the potential to drastically reshape the way we manage talent.

Although Talent Management Software (TMS) has been around for quite sometime now,  The Hackett Group found that most HR organizations are still struggling to address issues that are central to achieving important enterprise goals, like aligning talent strategies to business needs and implementing organizational change. TMS can help address these issues and more, as every industry presents unique challenges for talent acquisition and development.

At Infor, the multinational enterprise software company focused on business applications delivered via cloud and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), talent management is approached as a scientific model with their solution: Infor® Talent Science™.

Employees at Infor have taken complete advantage of the emerging field of analytics and Big Data, and created a solution that leverages cutting edge technology to offer users talent management insights that are deeper and easier to understand than other solutions.

Powered by combined analytics, and behavioral / performance data, Talent Science is a technology platform that impacts business results. Using Infor Talent Science not only reduces turnover and improves performance, but it’s also the best strategy to overhaul company culture and ensures “corporate DNA” that reflects the ideal workforce. It delivers insight that is then customized into predictive models that let you better select, retain, and develop the right talent across the entire employee lifecycle.

Infor’s patented SaaS model ensures a quick start and minimizes operational costs, which allows more focus to be on business strategy. The SaaS deployment model also lets users have full mobile and cross platform access to the Talent Science solution, and seamlessly integrates with most other applications. This automated workflow solution manages, evaluates, organizes, and tracks candidates with more than 70 existing integrations from applicant tracking systems and background checks.

Talent Science is different than anything else available in the market today. Infor’s unique approach to talent management enables clients to target specific strengths and opportunities that are identified in the selection process. Complex data is then used to generate intelligent development guides that are easily understood and customized to the person (and the job) in order to drive staff performance after the onboarding period.

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Download Link to Talent Management Buyer's Guide

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