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How Talent Management Can Be a Key Enabler of Your Digital Transformation Initiatives

How Talent Management Can Be a Key Enabler in Your Digital Business Transformation

How Talent Management Can Be a Key Enabler in Your Digital Business Transformation

Digital transformation refers to the cultural change that organizations make with the use of digital tools to identify and react more quickly to opportunities and meet ever-changing business demands. It’s more than just introducing new technology, however. Digital transformation is about changing the nature and future of work.

For HR leaders, this means talent management is no longer just about getting employees to fill data into their profiles and annual performance reports, but instead, giving them the tools and information they need to plan and develop their careers. This includes encouraging transparency into corporate culture, structures, goals and objectives, so every individual employee can continuously align, and help the organization to meet overall business goals and objectives.

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Digital transformation initiatives involve a certain “leap of faith” as you move from traditional ways of doing business, reducing manual processes to process automation and AI-supported (Artificial Intelligence) self-directed learning. But for your digital transformation to succeed, you need a platform or system that can tap into the collective data and skills of your workforce and business partner ecosystem. Enter talent management software.

Talent management software includes features designed to help your employees reach their full potential and grow within their job roles. Going beyond simple annual reviews, an effective talent management system provides solutions that support your employees day-to-day work and overall career development.

Since the most valuable asset of any organization is its people, it’s important you ensure your employees remain engaged, productive, and rewarded for their efforts. When applied to HR practices, employee participation in a talent management system means increased candidate and employee engagement, easy and simple recruitment, and the introduction of fresh ideas that your company can act on.

You can also reduce isolated thinking inside your organization through self-development principles such as intuitive access to shared information and more individual network freedom. For employees, the ability to manage their work lives through software and online services ensures a higher level of satisfaction and productivity. Since a happy employee is a motivated employee, allowing them access to the talent management system can only help (not hurt) your digital transformation initiatives.


This video, presented by the HR Exchange Network, provides a more in depth conversation about the transformation happening with talent management and how technology is influencing this change. Mason Stevenson, editor of the HR Exchange Network, provides great insights from a survey asking the HR community about current and emerging trends. From his presentation, you’ll learn how the HR community is pursuing the use of data, what companies are doing to pursue career pathing and succession planning strategies, and how those companies focus their rewards and recognition programs.

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