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What 5G Wireless Means for your Business

What 5G Wireless Means for your Business

What 5G Wireless Means for your Business

The future is wireless, the present is wireless, and to be honest we’ve been living in a wireless age for some time now. Looking at the future of wireless, it’s impossible not to discuss one critical development – 5G wireless. 5G is expected to revolutionize mobile communications, offering incredibly fast speeds, immediate responsiveness, and the ability to support ten times as many devices at much lower power consumption profiles. Being right around the corner, enterprises should take a look at some implications 5G will have on their organization. Below, we’ve collected five of the most important impacts 5G wireless will have on modern enterprises. Take a look!

Specialized Connectivity

While 5G wireless networks will help pre-existing services, they will also inspire new application and service capabilities for businesses. Between high resolution video and augmented reality, 5G will be able to support data-intensive applications without connectivity or lagging issues. New 5G wireless networks will reduce network latency rates, allowing for smoother network reliant operations.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has already found itself in use in many enterprises, but 5G will allow the technology to be deployed at a massive scale due to its combination of data transferring speeds and processing power. As IoT devices begin to play a larger role in daily life, enterprise networks won’t only be able to support smart phones, laptops, and tablets, they’ll also support appliances, wearables, and more. Because of 5G’s technological improvements, 5G will be more energy efficient than current network standards.

Improved Business Communications

Currently, there are millions on people in the US without access to high speed internet access for reasons geographical and infrastructure related. For these people, oftentimes the fastest internet service comes from a wireless connection. 5G will extend broadband connectivity to the businesses without access to high speed wired networks through fiber or other broadband networks.

Improving Mission-Critical Services

Offering gigabit speeds, 5G networks will become a key component of mission critical services, that will significantly improve safety and security. 5G will help in powering driverless cars, remote surgery, and more.


With the rise of 5G, enterprises will have the ability to establish virtual networks connecting endpoints, offering improved security while also enabling new topologies. Network operators will be able to prioritize certain traffic by endpoint or virtual network.

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