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Aerohive Introduces Enterprise Access Point

Aerohive Introduces Enterprise Access Point

Aerohive Introduces Enterprise Access PointAerohive Networks has announced the new AP550 Wave2 802.11ac wireless access point as the latest addition to the company’s SD-LAN portfolio of cloud managed access layer infrastructure.

Designed for high performance enterprise demands, the AP550 is adaptable, future-ready and especially well-suited for high-capacity and high-density environments.

  • Aerohive’s new AP550, which is a 4×4 MIMO, Dual Radio Wave 2 Access Point, is performance optimized for high-density, high-capacity environments. It enables the ability to future-proof an organization’s network for Internet of Things (IoT) applications, BYOD and high-bandwidth applications. The AP550 also has new enterprise-grade features, such as MACsec, Air-IQ, and Zero Wait DFS.
  • The AP550 supports up to four spatial streams and has a built-in BLE and a USB port to accommodate beacons and other IoT devices.
  • The AP550 indoor access point is part of Aerohive’s most-adaptable wireless infrastructure. Like the AP250, it offers software-selectable radios that maximize customers’ return on investment by allowing administrators to select transmission at 2.4GHz and 5GHz or to select dual 5GHz. When integrated into the overall network design, the selection of the dual 5GHz mode can effectively double network capacity.
  • The AP550 is also built on Aerohive’s proven RF-IQ technology, to deliver great Wi-Fi. RF-IQ incorporates distributed-control radio intelligence, such as automated channel and power selection, load balancing, band steering, and other capabilities that enable complex radio functionality.
  • The AP550 is the newest addition to Aerohive’s Software Defined LAN portfolio of cloud-managed, adaptable, access layer infrastructure. SD-LAN is a more adaptable, secure, and cost-effective approach to wireless and wired access networks. Aerohive’s new SD-LAN solution builds on core capabilities developed by Aerohive over the last 10 years as well as new access points, switches, and cloud management capabilities.
  • The AP550’s high-capacity wireless connectivity can be deployed with Aerohive’s next-generation access switches to offer unified wired and wireless management. Cloud network management from a single pane of glass improves visibility, centralizes control, and reduces cost and complexity.

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