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Aerohive Networks Introduces Software-Defined LAN

Aeroive Networks Introduces Software-Defined LAN

Aeroive Networks Introduces Software-Defined LANAerohive has announced its plans for a software-defined Local Area Network (SD-LAN), representing a new architecture for access networks. While some people may asking why running in-software makes something run differently, Aerohive reminds us that’s only one aspect of being “software defined”. Some other factors include centralized control, being programmable, and providing visibility to gain new insights. The most important thing regarding software defined systems is a feature that is able to automate configuration changes as needed. One way to think about software defined systems is to consider that the system will have  the same automation capabilities as other areas of IT.

Aerohive’s new solution has a number of new features, including:

  • New line of cloud-managed access switches
  • AP250, which is a Wave 2 802.11ac access point that has software definable dual 5 Ghz radios
  • The latest release of HiveManager NG for cloud management of the network and associated policy
  • Dynamic application and identity-driven network performance
  • An open API platform

Director of strategic marketing, Milind Pansare has said that many organizations are having difficulty adapting their network to the demands that mobility introduces to business network operations. Mobility frequently disrupts networks connectivity, according to Panare, which should give enterprises the motivation to adapt.

It’s important to note that the wi-fi industry has been software defined for quite some time now. Wireless systems have always included centralized control through wi-fi controllers that direct configurations down to access points. These access points eventually evolved and became more robust, although the separation of control plane, data plane, and centralized management has always existed.

“Aerohive is leading the shift to SD-LAN in the enterprise and is the first to deliver solutions for this new architecture. Aerohive’s SD-LAN capabilities include a new line of cloud-managed access switches; the AP250, a Wave 2 802.11ac access point with software definable dual 5 GHz radios; the latest release of HiveManager NG cloud-delivered network and policy management; dynamic application and identity-driven network performance; and an open API platform. All of this makes Aerohive the first to deliver software defined access for adaptable, flexible, and cost-effective wireless and wired access networking.” wrote Aerohive in a press statement.


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