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Airborne Partners With ViaLight for Design and Manufacturing Services Agreement

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Airborne Partners With ViaLight for Design and Manufacturing Services Agreement

Airborne Wireless Network entered into a design and manufacturing services agreement with ViaLight Communications, GmbH, a developer of laser based high-speed communication products. ViaLight has been engaged by ABWN to develop, design, test and manufacture a custom hybrid synchronized laser based communication system to link neighboring aircraft and/or ground stations on Airborne Wireless Network’s Infinitus Super Highway, which will provide a low-cost, broadband wireless communication infrastructure by using and modifying existing, small, lightweight, low-power relay station equipment that will be installed onboard aircraft. 

Each equipped aircraft would have a broadband wireless communication link to one or more neighboring aircraft and/or ground stations.  These aircraft and ground stations would form a chain of seamless repeaters or routers providing broadband wireless communication gateways along the entire flight path.

Michael Warren, CEO of ABWN said, “We are extremely pleased to announce our collaboration with ViaLight, a world-renowned pioneer and developer of laser communication products.  With this agreement, we can capitalize on ViaLight’s experience and expertise.  ABWN’S new hybrid approach and the expertise provided by ViaLight should help mitigate challenges and have a significant impact on ABWN’s ability to launch its proposed global airborne wireless meshed network.  ABWN and ViaLight envision a future where high data rate connectivity in the skies and beyond is as natural as on the ground and we believe this collaboration will enable this vision to move forward.”

“We are excited to be working with the team at Airborne Wireless Network to deliver the next innovation in in-flight connectivity,” said Markus Knapek, CEO and Managing Director of ViaLight.  “ViaLight is a front-runner in wireless laser communications for the aerospace market and this is exactly the type of application for which our products are designed,” concluded Mr. Knapek.


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