Avaya Cloud Networking Platform Unveiled

Avaya Cloud Networking Platform UnveiledAvaya, a global leader in business communications software, has released its complete network life-cycle management solution for mid-sized and enterprise businesses. The new Avaya Cloud Networking Platform provides IT professionals centralized management, visibility, and control over their wired and wireless networks without needing to rely on controller appliances or overlay management software. The platform allows for network switches and access points to be configured and managed in the cloud and IT managers can quickly add, change, or modify network services from the solution’s dashboard feature.

In the 2016 ZK Research Network Purchase Intention Study, it was discovered that the highest cause of of network downtime was human error from manual configuration. Because traditional network management is a slow process, full of potential mishaps, many businesses are turning towards the sort of cloud managed networking solutions that Avaya offers.

The Avaya Cloud Networking Platform is built on the following principles:

  • High service availability. With Avaya’s Network Platform,  network devices continue to function, even when connection to the cloud is lost.
  • Zero-touch activation. The platform works with WLAN 9100 wireless products and wired switches. Once the network products are physically installed, the cloud portal discovers and brings them online for configuration and management.  It also provides an integrated guest portal and BYOD onboarding capabilities to streamline these tasks.
  • Secure platform. Avaya Cloud Networking Platform is hosted in the Amazon Web Services cloud and is multi-tenant, which ensures that one customer’s data is completely isolated from others.
  • Scalability. The platform scales up to thousands of devices so that companies using it today can continue using it as more of the network shifts to cloud managed.

Maan Al Shakarchi, head of networking at Avaya in Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia-Pacific, said: “As the demand for unified access solutions continues to grow, the burden of managing and securing networks has become nearly untenable – especially at a time when there’s pressure to reduce IT budgets and resources.”

“The platform provides the much needed relief with a highly-secure, cost-effective solution that fits any size business,” he said.

“Businesses are becoming increasingly dynamic and distributed and IT management must follow these trends to keep up.” said Zeus Kerravala, the principal analyst at ZK Research, “Traditional management methods are far too slow to keep up with the speeds that digital organisations require. The daunting number of complicated tasks associated with managing wired and wireless networks is overwhelming network operations.”

“A unified cloud management solution, like Avaya’s platform brings greater efficiency and speed to network management. Also, it offers robust security, scalability and service resiliency providing the best of an enterprise-grade solution without the burden of on-premises management,” he added.

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