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Comcast to Launch Wireless Service Next Year

Comcast to Launch Wireless Service Next Year

Comcast to Launch Wireless Service Next YearToday at a Goldman Sachs event, Comcast Chief Executive, Brian Roberts said that the cable giant is looking to release a wireless service by the middle of next year, in an attempt to create a new line of business to help retain customers. The new wireless product will take advantage of the company’s fifteen million wi-fi hot spots and use leased airwaves from Verizon. Since 2011, Comcast has held a deal with Verizon that allows the cable company to sell wireless service using the telecom carrier’s network while complying with set terms and pricing. Comcast has weighed the idea of exploring wireless markets for a number of years now, while only seriously beginning to consider the possibility for the last year engaging in a number of discussions with Verizon.

Like many US cable companies, Comcast has been relying very heavily on it broadband business, while the pay-for-television services have been in a rut. Roberts said that Comcast will market their wireless service from within its existing footprint to existing Comcast customers rather than nationwide. The service provider hopes to upsell its customers to a bigger bundle of services.

While Comcast will be stepping into some highly competitive territory in wireless, it also has a number of advantages. They will essentially be reselling the same wireless product that Verizon has been selling; one which has consistently been noted by analysts for providing the most reliable network. In addition to this, they already have an extensive network of wi-fi spots that could be easily integrated into their wireless service if they choose to. With users hopping from hot spot to a cell tower for connection, Comcast could also save a considerable amount of money that it owes Verizon. Another advantage that the company retains is its ability to combine its wireless service with its preexisting cable and home broadband offers.

It’s not certain how much the service will cost, which devices it will be compatible with, where it will be available, but you can be sure that we’ll have you covered!

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