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HAE Innovations Launches IoPass IoT Test Platform

Internet of Things

HAE Innovations, the New Jersey based solution provider, launched IoPass, an Internet of Things (IoT) solution for developers, integrators and service assurance providers. the company reports that IoPass is designed as a test platform that deploys a scalable architecture for Internet of Things and Connected Devices performance testing.

Hesham El Hamahmy, the CEO of HAE Innovations stated, “We are excited that we are now able to provide global IoT manufacturers a solution to test performance at all stages of development from chip design to service deployment.”

Today, many developers face a variety of challenges while testing product design life cycles and need to be able to verify the technical performance to marketing requirements. Oftentimes, this results in them to wait until the design nears completion  in order to track performance on either a live network, or a costly mobile network simulator. HAE markets IoPass as a comprehensive, easy to use, and affordable IoT test platform that features network simulation, automated test execution, centralized test-case management, a dynamic analytics engine, and report generation.

The product has been design with an intuitive and interactive user interface for non-wireless engineers and offers a custom development environment as well as automated test suites that protects wireless connectivity, battery performance, and signalling performance. HAE claims that IoPass was designed from scratch, while taking the developers’ business and technical requirements into consideration.

IoPass is powered by XG1000, a cost effective and multi-UE network emulator that’s designed for a comprehensive IoT and connected device performance certification. The solutions is used to test performance at a number of different stages during IoT development. HAE claims IoPass minimizes complexities that may arise while testing and increases speed to market by supplying developers with a safe and repeatable test network environment that a live testing network can’t offer.

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