How to Keep Your IoT Devices Safe in the Workplace

How to Keep Your IoT Devices Safe in the Workplace

The world of enterprise technology has been seeing a significant development creep up in the last few years; the Internet of Things (IoT). While most people will know this technology through such mind-blowing technological advancements as “The Smart Toaster” and the iFuton, it’s proven itself to be integral to workplace operations in 2017.

As we move into 2018, we can only expect IoT to gain a stronger foothold in the workplace. With the Internet of Things becoming more popular, it’s become imperative that IT teams take the necessary steps to keep devices safe from cyber-attacks. Below we’ve rounded up some of the most surefire ways to keep your IoT network safe in 2018.

Send Your Staff to IoT Bootcamp

Any good company trains its employees to keep data safe, and this should extend to Iot as well. You should inform your employees about the dangers of using personal devices to access company owned information. Additionally, teach your employees about the dangers of negligence, the importance of a good password management system, and how recklessness can lead to data breaches and other exploitation.

Ban Unregulated Public Access

While most users will have some degree of network protection at their home, the standard of wireless security drops when using public hotspots. In order to protect company data, be sure to let your staff know that while connecting to internal company systems from home, they need to comply with strict company guidelines. VPNs and encryption should be absolute necessities when

Take a Good Look at Hardware Agreements

Businesses are in a constant state of implementing new hardware. That being said, it’s vital that IT teams thoroughly review any new IoT device introduced to the network. No matter if it’s a new smart-coffee pot for your office kitchen or if it’s something a bit more ingrained in operations, they could present dangerous entry-points for cyber criminals. With each new Iot device, be sure to know what information is being collected, where it goes, and what it’s used for.

Keep a Close Eye on Your Environment

IoT devices are a part of the future whether you choose to accept it or not. In preparation for IoT, you should consider implementing network monitoring and management solutions to keep track of who’s using what device on the network.

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