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Airgain Announces New Smart Switchable Antenna Solution

Airgain Announces New Smart Switchable Antenna Solution

Airgain Announces New Smart Switchable Antenna SolutionAirgain, a provider of embedded antenna technologies, announced that latest edition to its smart antenna product line, the MaxBeam smart switchable embedded antenna, the N5X20Q1SW. Available, today, the Airgain patent pending N5X20Q1SW smart antenna brings together a number of technologies including a balanced antenna design and an electronically selectable complimentary radiation pattern multi-element. What sets this antenna apart from most other smart Wi-Fi antennas, the N5X20Q1SW control logic shares the same coaxial feeder cable with the radio frequency signal, steering clear of the cost and complexity of additional dedicated connections.

Designed to support 2:1 smart antenna of MIMO diversity systems for embedded wi-fi and ISM band applications such as smart home connectivity gateways, set-up boxes, and enterprise wi-fi systems, the N5X20Q1SW claims to provide performance, cost, and easy integration.

AIrgain has designed the MaxBeam smart switchable antennas to improve wi-fi system coverage y enabling signals to be steered dynamically to device within the wireless network, making a good wi-fi coverage less dependent on the location and orientation of devices. MaxBeam antennas target improvements in user experience during the installation and operation of wi-fi systems, helping to reduce support costs associated with poor wi-fi coverage.

“This latest innovation targets the further reduction in complexity and cost of implementing smart antennas,” said Airgain President and Chief Executive Officer, Chuck Myers. “Our optimally balanced antenna enhances control over key antenna performance figures such as receive signal level and peak gain, while easing antenna integration. Avoiding the need for dedicated control wires to drive this smart antenna is a game changer in reducing cost. Shortening the development time and reduction of cost are significant advantages for these antennas.”

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