NETGEAR Unveils New Firmware Updates for Select Routers

NETGEAR Unveils New Firmware Updates for Select RoutersNETGEAR has made new firmware package updates available for some of its router models, including and for the R8000 and R6250 units, respectively, as well as the update compatible with the R6700 and R6900 wireless devices. These available improvements fix the password vulnerabilities discovered in the administrative web panel (R6250), a security issue concerning password recovery (found in the R6700, R6900, and R8000 units).

In order to properly implement this update, you should go to the router’s administration page to see if its current firmware isn’t already up-to-date. If everything looks good, you can save and unzip the downloadable archive , establish a wired connection, access the administration page, and save all settings that you’ve changed from the default values, as you might need to re-enter them manually following the upgrade. After this, go to “Maintenance > Router Upgrade > Browse”, select the newly unzipped .img file, hit “Upload,” and allow the device to perform the installation.

Check out these updates here:

Download NETGEAR R8000 Router Firmware

Download NETGEAR R6900 Router Firmware

Download NETGEAR R6700 Router Firmware

Download NETGEAR R6250 Router Firmware


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