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New Eero Upgrade Boosts Range, Eases Set-Up

New Eero Upgrade Boosts Range, Eases Set-Up

New Eero Upgrade Boosts Range, Eases Set-Up

Along with Google WiFi and Netgear’s Orbi, Eero has claimed an enviable position among mesh wireless providers. Just this week, Eero announced a new router capable of running twice as fast as the original model.

The new Eero Beacon, plugs directly into a wall socket, and uses a new service called Eero Plus to protect individual devices connected to the wireless network. This second generation Eero router maintains the same sleek design as the original, but with the added ability to operate on three frequency bands rather than two. As a result, users can expect faster connectivity while everything is managed automatically in the background to ensure that devices receive as much bandwidth as possible.

Furthermore, the new Eero router introduces “thread” technology, which is essentially a low-power form of wireless engineered to prolong battery life of connected devices. With this technology in place, devices will use less power to maintain a connection. While it’s only dual band, Eero says it provides 20 to 30 percent better performance than the first-generation Eero router.

At roughly half the size of the original Eero model and with the removal of clumsy, the new router will easily find a comfortable place in a home or office. If these features still aren’t enough for you, the new system also comes equipped with a handy nightlight.

Mesh wireless has become a popular option among users looking to cover large homes and offices without dealing with the hassle of setting up routers, access points, and extenders.

Pre-orders are available now with the Home WiFi System that includes one router and one Beacon for $299, a one router/two beacon bundle for $399, and a three router system for $499.

Check out the original model here.

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