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New Linksys Velop Update Features New Bridge Mode

New Linksys Velop Update Features New Bridge Mode


New Linksys Velop Update Features New Bridge ModeNothing can cripple productivity like a bad wireless connection. While ‘the perfect wireless connection’ is an elusive objective for many router manufacturers, Linksys is taking a shot. This Tuesday, Linksys’ Velop mesh network solution and “App Enabled” routers received some exciting new updates addressing wireless connectivity.

Linksys has announces that it’s released a firmware update that enables a full bridge mode to its Velop Wi-Fi system. This update is particularly notable because it allows the system to work as part of an existing network, rather than creating a separate network of its own. The latest update allows the Velop to be configured in bridge mode and connect to an ISP-provided gateway devices.

Other notable features included in the new Bridge Mode include:


  • Dynamic Tri-Band selection: The Velop can dynamically select either the 2.4GHz band or one of the two 5GHz bands to provide the optimal connectivity for each client. This should help the solution enable 100 percent of the available bandwidth at the edge of the mesh network.
  • One guest network: The system can now accommodate a guest network that supports all mesh nodes, with improved range and performance.
  • Amazon Alexa support is being added.
  • Auto firmware updates: The system can now automatically update the firmware, to ensure that the Velop

According to Dan Albertson, a Linksys senior product manager, “These two new App features have been among those most requested by our customers. Many Velop customers need the ability to configure Velop in Bridge Mode to allow them to keep their existing router or gateway from their service provider in place for other services such as voice or IPTV while leveraging Velop’s whole-home Wi-Fi coverage and performance. Parental controls scheduling has been a feature in the Linksys browser-based interface but our users have told us they need the flexibility to manage internet access schedules for their kids’ devices from the Linksys App. These are just two features among many we’ll be rolling out to the Linksys App in the coming months.”

Furthermore, this update adds a parental control scheduler to make it easier for parents to cut down on their kids’ internet time. This new feature can be enabled through the Linksys app for Velop, Max-Stream, WRT, and EA series routers and systems.

You can head over to the Linksys support site for additional information on updating your Linksys router.

The Linksys Velop can be purchased as a 3-pack at Amazon for $500

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