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Network Security Presentation: Attacking and Securing WPA Enterprise Networks

Presentation: Attacking and Securing WPA Enterprise Networks

This presentation covers different attacks that can be leveraged against wireless networks using Enterprise (802.1x) authentication. Attendees will learn about and see demonstrations of these attacks, many of which can be used to reveal the credentials used to join the wireless network. The presentation concludes with recommendations on how to defend against these attacks.

Matt Neely (CISSP, CTGA, GCIH and GCWN) is the Profiling Team Manager at SecureState, a Cleveland Ohio based security consulting company. At SecureState, Matt and his team perform traditional penetration tests, physical penetration tests, web application security reviews and wireless network security assessments. His research interests include the convergence of physical and logical network security, cryptography and all things wireless. Matt is also a host on the Security Justice podcast.

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