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Netherlands/South Korea Complete Nationwide IoT Networks

IoT seoul-amsterdamThe last few of days have seen a couple of big announcements in the world of the Internet of Things. Last Thursday, the Netherlands, launched the world’s first nationwide IOT network, and today South Korea followed suit.

The Dutch telecom provider KPN, activated its long range wireless-based IoT network last week, connecting thousands of devices across the country. The nationwide launch this week follows the network’s premier in Rotterdam and the Hague last November. The network was expanded to the rest of the country after KPN received “substantial customer interest”. The network is complimentary for 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile phones and currently connects around 1.5 million devices.

Regarding the network’s launch, KPN said in a statement “The easily accessible LoRa network makes it simple to develop smart applications and to optimise processes and services.In the months ahead KPN will further optimize LoRa by condensing the network. The much requested localisation functionality will become available too.”

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In addition to consumer handheld devices, the nationwide IoT network also connects to the baggage handling system at Schipol Airport, depth sounders at the Rotterdam port, and rail switches at Utrecht Central Station.

The South Korean Internet of things was launched this morning by phone carrier SK Telecom, and i expected to reach 99% of the country’s population. Users will be charged a monthly price between 350 South Korean won and 2,000 won ($0.30 to $1.72).

The initiative was completed six months ahead of schedule and joins the existing LTE-M infrastructure which was completed in March. SK Telecom plans to focus on a number of applications for the IoT service.

“SK Telecom is proud to announce the nationwide deployment of LoRaWAN as it marks the first important step towards realizing connectivity between infinite number of things, going beyond the traditional role of telecommunications centered on connectivity between people,” says Lee Hyung-hee, President of Mobile Network Business at SK Telecom. “Going forward, SK Telecom will develop and offer a wide variety of IoT services designed to offer new value for customers, while working closely with partners including SMEs and startups to vitalize the IoT ecosystem.”

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