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The Top VPN Services for Your Wireless Network

The Top VPN Services for Your Wireless Network

The Top VPN Services for Your Wireless NetworkIn the age of Snowden and net neutrality, internet privacy is a hot button issue. While you may be okay with governments and corporations keeping an eye on your search history,  you can never be sure of who else might be peeping in. Connecting to public wireless networks, while convenient, is also incredibly risky, opening up a myriad of pathways for attackers to grab some of your personal information. With a Virtual Private Network, users are provided greater security over their wireless connection and better control over their online visibility. Below we’ve collected some of the best services out there and what these service providers are doing to make a name for themselves.


Priding themselves on being “the fastest VPN on Earth”, these less-than-humble fellows offer one of the most popular premium VPN services in the world. It’s a massive, feature-packed service that’s more accessible than some of its competitors. In addition to its remarkable speed, ExpressVPN offers robust encryption, no usage logs, and and servers across 94 countries. Keep in mind, that if you’re on a budget, you may want to look elsewhere for a VPN solution; ExpressVPN tends to fall on the pricey side.


Featured in the New York Times, PC Magazine, and CNET, Pure VPN is a new age business VPN designed to help employees become virtual citizens of almost any country; meaning that they can keep their data and devices protected on public and private networks, help them to securely conduct online transactions, and empower them to bypass any digital hurdles in their way!

Cisco VPN

One of the bigger names out there for wireless solutions, Cisco’s VPN offering is able to run on any mobile or desktop operating system and provides users with additional security functions beyond basic VPN. With Cisco VPN, the service’s AnyConnect offers support for for TLS, DTLS, and IPsec IKEv2.

Pulse Connect Secure

With 15 years of experience under its belt, Pulse Secure Connect offers a reliable and feature rich solution. Secure Connect allows users to easily blend data center applications and public cloud services for their workers. Additionally, this VPN solution allows administrators an incredible amount of control over access rights.

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