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Top Network Security Tools to Consider for Small Business Owners

Top Network Security Tools to Consider for Small Business Owners

Top Network Security Tools to Consider for Small Business Owners

When you’re a small business starting out, you tend not to think of yourself as a prime target for cyber attacks. As a matter of fact, roughly 80% of small business owners feel this way according to a study conducted by the National Cyber Security Alliance. It may come as a surprise then that almost half of all cyber attacks last year were directed towards SMBs. To help SMBs protect themselves against such cases, network security can be a inexpensive and user-friendly solution.

Below we’ve collected some of the top network security solutions directed towards small and medium sized businesses. Take a look!

Untangle NG Firewall

As with almost anything, networking solutions need to adapt to the times. Untangle Firewall looks a bit like a app store; allowing users to pick and choose the features relevant to their needs. The free open source applications available include a firewall, intrusion prevention, phish blocker, a lite version or a virus blocker, and a more.Untangle can be used on any PC able to connect to your network.

Koozali SME Server

Koozali combines a number of network security features with additional functionality. It offers file sharing, remote access, directory service,, a firewall, and more. It’s easy set-up is one of the Koozali’s most notable features. The company claims that an average small business would be able to set-up the solution within 20 minutes.

Security Onion

Aptly named, Security Onion offers layers and layers of security features. While not as full-featured as other solutions in this list, Onion does offer a great option for network monitoring. The solution brings together some of the most popular security tools for network security monitoring, and more into a highly intuitive solution.

Event Sentry

Event Sentry provides users with the tools to make sure that all aspects of an IT infrastructure are operational. The solution was built as a lightweight and customizable network monitoring tool. Event Sentry allows users to monitor all metadata related to your network devices and components, proving reports and other visual tools.


Pulseway, an easy to use network monitoring solution, allows users to manage and control all IT systems in real-time via desktops or mobile devices. The platform supplies notifications when a network issue has been identified. The system is highly expandable and customizable allowing users to manage and deploy their own device configurations.

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