Verizon To Launch Virtual Network Services By the End of 2016

verizonVerizon has announced the launch of its new Virtual Network Service (VNS) which will be delivered to over 30 global markets by the end of the year, giving businesses the ability to take advantage of software-based services that reside in Verizon’s cloud network. The company claims the network to be an expanded part of data-center virtualization that will enable the customers of WAN with flexible, fast provisioning alongside cost effectiveness.

“This deployment of the network cloud-based solution will happen in over 30 global markets by the end of this year,” said Victoria Lonker, director of product and new business for Verizon, in an interview. “We believe our offer is unique because it’s fully managed as a service from the device to the application and we have a broad and growing list of vendor functions to choose from.”

Many industry analysts say that the expansion in the existence of software-defined networking will find an audience, but that many customers won’t be ready for all of its features. The Verizon package, initially including security, WAN optimization, and SD-WAN services, provides customers with multiple delivery and pricing models. as well as managed software from a number of brand-name vendors including Cisco and Juniper that the company plans to expand.

Victoria Lanker, Director, Product and New Business, Verizon, said in a release, “The enterprise CIO tells us they want to worry less about the network itself and more about their customers’ experience.” She added, “This means they need solutions that offer an integrated management option all the way from the app to the cloud in a very simple way that hopefully reduces total cost of ownership.”

The Verizon network services are globally available as three models: customer premises equipment (CPE), cloud based virtual CPE services, and as a hybrid that allows customers to mix the two. Customers can use public, private, or wireless networks from Verizon, other service providers, or a combination. Juniper is set to build the initial on-premise equipment , which Verizon says is more like a server than existing single purpose appliances.

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