Zyxel Announces VPN Firewall to Provide End-to-End Security for SMB’s

Zyxel CommunicationsZyxel Announces VPN Firewall to Provide End-to-End Security for SMB's, a provider of secure broadband networking, Internet access, and connected home products, announced the launch of the new USG2200-VPN VPN Firewall, an all-in-one security appliance for multi-site, medium-sized businesses.

Zyxel’s flagship USG2200-VPN is a hybrid VPN that provides secure, always-online connectivity for mission-critical communications between headquarters and multiple branch offices. The VPN supports a diverse range of VPN connections (IPSec/SSL/L2TP over IPSec) to connect with a majority of devices in the workplace or at home. VPN concentrator technology enables the USG2200-VPN to handle more than 3,000 VPN tunnels to provide secure access to company resources between branch offices, partner offices, telecommuters, BYOD environments, and mobile employees.

In addition to providing secure connectivity between multiple locations, the USG2200-VPN also provides key services including anti-spam protection, content filtering, and hotspot management. The Zyxel VPN features multi-WAN load balancing to maximize performance, and Device High Availability Pro to ensure maximum network stability by providing fast fail-over to minimize network downtime and completely restore the network to normal operations.

“As businesses and the people that work for them become increasingly mobile, companies are faced with the challenge of maintaining the security of the network while providing access to valuable company resources from remote locations and on-site mobile devices,” said Tri Nguyen, Market Development Manager at Zyxel. “The USG2200-VPN completes our end-to-end, multi-site security solution to give small- and medium-sized businesses a scalable solution for providing secure network access from remote locations around the world to maximize productivity and efficiency of their employees and work groups in an ever-changing global business environment.”

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