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ZyXEL Launches New 802.11ac Access Points for SMBs

ZyXEL Launches New 802.11ac Access Points for SMBs

ZyXEL Launches New 802.11ac Access Points for SMBsZyXEL Communications, a newly minted Solutions Review Top 20 802.11ac Vendor, has announced in a press release a new series of APs designed for small to medium sized businesses. Called the WAC6500 series,  it includes the following three APs:

The WAC6503D-S with 3×3 smart antennas, the WAC6502D-S with 2×2 smart antennas, and the WAC6502D-E with 2×2 external antennas.

The “smart antennas” mentioned just above address a core challenge in 802.11ac network design and implementation. The higher frequency, shorter wavelength 5GHz signal of 802.11ac does not propagate as far as the lower frequency, longer wavelength 2.4 GHz 802.11n, requiring more 802.11ac APs to cover the same area, ceteris paribus. ZyXEL smart antennas fix this problem: “Smart Antenna technology computes and changes signal patterns dynamically to enhance accuracy over both frequency bands, eliminating the need for additional APs.”

The bottom line result: “APs with Smart Antenna are compatible with all existing clients and outperform conventional APs at longer distances so SMBs get better Wi-Fi coverage with fewer APs.”

The new APs have several other benefits too:

High density coverage and signal penetration through walls eliminates dead zones while providing secure and stable connections. AP deployment is easy and robust hardware extends AP lifetime and reduces long-term expense. Additionally, the APs are interference free and are safe to use with medical devices.

Here are some of the other features and specs highlighted in the press release:

  • 1.75Gbps data rates, RF output of up to 30 dBm and -102 dBm receive sensitivity
  • Load balance and client steering ensure optimal wireless experience
  • Dual Image provides network reliability
  • Easy configuration with features like APFlex automatic configuration and Dynamic Channel Selection (DCS)
  • Secure networking through Intra-BSS blocking, wireless layer 2 isolation, and Certified WPA2 Enterprise
  • Multiple SSID and VLAN capabilities
  • Tool-less bracket design simplify deployment

When it comes to controlling your new network, ZyXEL doesn’t disappoint:

The WAC6500 series APs work in both standalone mode or can be managed, as a group, using one of ZyXEL’s NXC series WLAN controllers. This feature offers SMBs and solution providers the flexibility and scale for multiple deployment options. ZyXEL offers two options for WLAN controllers for different network sizes ranging from 8 APs to 512 APs.

Finally, the APs carry ZyXEL One Network (ZON) Support, giving access to several useful functions:

  • ZyXEL AP configuration (ZAC) allows users to copy one profile to several APs, eliminating repetitive configuration efforts
  • The Smart Connect function enables quick discovery and easy management of other ZyXEL ZON enabled devices on the network
  • ZyXEL Wireless Optimizer (ZWO) simplifies AP planning, coverage detection, and wireless health management.

Those functions can be downloaded for free from the company website. All 3 new APs are now available for purchase through authorized resellers.

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