Commvault Announces General Availability of Cloud-Optimized Disaster Recovery

Commvault Announces General Availability of Cloud-Optimized Disaster RecoveryCommvault has announced the availability of additions to its Intelligent Data Management portfolio. New Commvault Disaster Recovery, Commvault Backup & Recovery, and Commvault Complete Data Protection are now generally available to customers. The portfolio simplifies data management and is optimized for the cloud. Commvault also announced enhancements to Metallic’s enterprise-grade SaaS data protection portfolio.

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Commvault provides data protection and information management software to assist organizations with protecting, accessing, and using all of their data economically. The vendor has a long list of supported public cloud providers, hypervisors, big data support, and database protection as well. The platform is primarily offered as a software-only solution, but Commvault also has an appliance option. Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery supports the public cloud providers, databases, and storage array. The platform is primarily offered as a software-only solution, but Commvault also has an appliance option. Recently, Commvault acquired data storage solution provider, Hedvig. Additionally, Commvault also recently launched Metallic, its division of SaaS solutions.

Commvault Disaster Recovery enables users to ensure business continuity and verify recoverability across cloud and on-prem environments, delivering automated disaster recovery, orchestration, flexible replication, and verified recovery readiness. It includes support for Microsoft Azure VMware Solution, VMware Cloud on AWS, Google Cloud VMware Engine, and Oracle Cloud Vmware Solution, allowing for replication between on-prem and cloud for all disaster recovery capabilities and operations. Additionally, Commvault Complete Data Protection combines Commvault Backup & Recovery and Commvault Disaster Recovery into a single data protection solution to ensure business continuity for all workloads.

In a press statement, Ranga Rajagopalan, Vice President of Products at Commvault, said, “at Commvault, we’re constantly innovating to make our customers’ lives easier, protect their data and ensure we’re offering intelligent data management products and services. With what’s available today, customers can start with data management service they need today and seamlessly extend into other capabilities as needed — and they can do it while optimizing costs for the cloud.”

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