Hornetsecurity Survey Reveals 21% of Companies Have Experienced a Ransomware Attack

Hornetsecurity Survey Reveals 21% of Companies Have Experienced a Ransomware AttackA recent study of more than 820 businesses by Hornetsecurity and Altaro Software found that 21 percent of respondents had been the victim of a ransomware attack to date. Ransomware is one of the most common and effective forms of cyber threat, when an attacker encrypts an organization’s data, rendering it unusable until a ransom is paid. As ransomware attacks become more sophisticated, it is crucial that businesses have strategies in place to avoid data loss. 

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Of the 21 percent of organizations that reported a ransomware attack, 9.2 percent recovered their data by paying the demanded ransom. The rest of the respondents recovered the encrypted data through backups, though some still reported losing data in the process. Additionally, companies with 201-500 employees reported the highest incidence of ransomware attacks (25.3 percent), while those employing 1-50 people had the lowest (18.7 percent). With regard to location, 19.6 percent of North American companies reported attacks, while those based in Europe reported 21.2 percent.

15.2 percent of those surveyed suggested that their business does not protect their backups from ransomware. The survey also found that 17.2 percent of reported ransomware attacks targeted backup storage. Backups must be protected against ransomware attacks through methods such as air-gapped, off-site storage, or immutable storage. 15.9 percent of respondents also stated they had no disaster recovery plan in place, meaning they are ill-equipped to handle an attack.

This survey also found that 71.3 percent of companies changed the way they back up their data in response to the threat of ransomware. The most common forms of prevention named in the survey are endpoint detection software with anti-ransomware features (75.6 percent), and email filtration and threat analysis (76.1 percent). Air-gapped, off-site storage is reported to be utilized 47.8 percent of the time, which is a low percentage when considering its effectiveness at enabling data recovery.

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