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Trifacta Nabs $100 Million to Fuel Product Area Expansion

Trifacta Nabs $100 Million to Fuel Product Area Expansion
Trifacta Nabs $100 Million to Fuel Product Area Expansion

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Trifacta has secured $100 million in new financing with inclusion from new and existing investors, according to a press release. The new capital will enable the software provider to ramp up adoption of its data preparation software, as well as expand to new verticals, markets and product areas. The announcement comes on the heels of a banner year for Trifacta, with the company unveiling the market’s first Snowflake cloud data prep tool and adding data quality features to its flagship platform.

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Trifacta offers a suite of what its dubbed ‘data wrangling’ tools in three different iterations: Trifacta Wrangler, Wrangler Edge, and Wrangler Enterprise. Trifacta allows users to do data prep without having to manually write code or use mapping-based systems. The Predictive Transformation function enables the exploration of data content so users can define a recipe for how the data should be transformed. Data Wrangler also includes data discovery, structuring, cleaning, enriching, and validation capabilities.

In addition to its cloud data preparation debut, IBM is now leveraging Trifacta’s technology by using it as a standard in its InfoSphere Advanced Data Preparation platform. IBM InfoSphere Advanced Data Preparation was designed to help users transform raw data by formatting, structuring and enriching it for analytic processing and standard reporting.

Trifacta has seen its customer base grow in 2019 as well, and now touts more than 10,000 clients around the globe. Some of the most notable include Visa, Kaiser Permanente, PepsiCo, Franklin Templeton, and New York Life.

In a statement to Solutions Review, the company’s CEO Adam Wilson told us: “If decision-making and insight is increasingly driven by extracting machine learning and AI from data, then by definition, everything starts with the data itself. It’s this data focus that is propelling a broader market trend focusing on data quality. Without clean data, investments in AI initiatives are worthless.”

Trifacta earned the top overall user scores in Gartner’s 2019 Voice of the Customer awards.

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