Enhance Data Pipeline Reliability with MANTA’s Time Slicing Feature

Keeping complex data pipelines healthy and making the most out of data analytics while reducing cycle time without harming the quality of the analytics solution is not an easy task. Data pipeline observability is nearly impossible to achieve when there are manual tasks involved. Data teams run into numerous challenges caused by a lack of collaboration and erroneous results that harm business analytics and lead to wrong decisions.

To make the most out of analytics, it’s not enough to know the current state of the data. For various purposes, such as reporting as well as impact and root cause analyses, it’s crucial to know what the environment looked like in the past and how that differs from its current state.

As time goes by, even if data lineage is efficiently collected and reported, it can start to get stale. Parts and pieces go missing if the solution cannot report on lineage from dates in the past. Manually configured lineage is almost impossible to recreate, as your ETL developer might have moved on, sources might have been archived, or entire applications may have been deprecated. That’s where MANTA and its Revisions feature come into play to provide you with detailed flow information for any object based on a date and a time that corresponds to the time when the lineage was collected and the systems were originally scanned.


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