You Won’t Believe How Much Data the World Creates Daily

You Won't Believe How Much Data the World Creates Daily

The modern world is built on data. From your Spotify playlist to the latest spike in the stock market, data runs much of the modern world. It’s believed that the world spurts out 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily. To put that into perspective, that’s probably the only time I’ve ever used the world quintillion. For further bafflement, consider the fact that 90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years.

These findings come from Domo’s latest report entitled Data Never Sleeps 5.0. Domo’s fifth annual infographic on the world’s data generation patterns. With more people on the internet than ever before (they estimate roughly 3.7 billion individuals), this fascinating stuff. The rise in data generation has been fueled by the growth of internet-based streaming platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon. On that note, YouTube is streaming more videos than ever before at roughly 4.14 videos per minute.

So with so much data being created every day, you’re probably wondering where it’s all coming from and what it’s all about. Well, according to the report, it looks like people really want their weather forecasts with the Weather Channel reporting some 18 million forecast requests in 2017. Other ‘gig-pigs’ include the ride sharing app Uber, with 45,000 trips every minute, Spotify, which adds 13 new songs to its library every minute, and Instagram, which receives 456,000 posts every minute.

With this new wave of internet reliance comes a paved road for less-than-savory individuals (see: scam artists). As a matter of fact, the internet is flooded with roughly 100,000,000 spam emails every minute.

Now we recognize that the Domo’s findings largely highlight consumer data generation, but these insights are very relevant to enterprises as well. Effective data management, analytics and security strategies are key in helping organizations large and small sift through the deluge of information available to modern users.

We encourage you to check out Domo’s graphic for more.

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