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9 Marketing Automation Influencers You Should Follow

9 Marketing Automation Influencers You Should Follow

9 Marketing Automation Influencers You Should Follow

Marketing automation is still a relatively new development in the marketing world, having only been around in any major capacity since the mid-2000’s with the rise of social media platforms. And since the idea is still new, anyone who uses marketing automation should keep up with the latest marketing automation news and concepts so they can stay on top of the game. One way to get that information is by following influencers who talk about marketing automation, either through their own words and posts or by sharing the latest news from around the web.

We’ve compiled a list of nine of the top marketing automation influencers that you should follow if you want the latest insights and stories. They are all industry professionals with experience in the marketing field, and some have been around long enough to see marketing automation blossom from its origins into what it is today. If you’re looking to find the people who know what’s happening in marketing automation and want to talk about it, here’s some accounts you should be following.

Scott BrinkerScott Brinker: As the VP platform ecosystem for Hubspot, chair of the MarTech Conference, and editor of the Chief Marketing Technologist blog, Scott Brinker is someone every marketer should be paying attention to. His content goes into great length about the broader marketing technology marketplace with an eye toward the cutting edge. His years of experience provide him with the knowledge of what works, and his writing allows us to gain that knowledge for ourselves. Follow now.

Kristin ConnellKristin Connell: Kristin has held many marketing positions over her career, including the senior marketing automation consultant at Astadia, and director of digital marketing at Deltek. She is currently the head of marketing at Sojourn Solutions and writes social media blurbs and blog posts about marketing automation technology. In addition, she has been a featured speaker at several industry events and has plenty of insights on marketing that she shares with her growing audience on Twitter. Follow now.

Matt HeinzMatt Heinz: Matt is the founder, president, and namesake of Heinz Marketing, a B2B digital marketing firm that also operates a marketing blog. He is an expert on B2B demand generation, pipeline management, sales enablement, and content strategy. Matt also acts as a keynote speaker who addresses various topics in the marketing field. You can follow Matt on Twitter for the latest from the Heinz Marketing blog as well as retweets of valuable resources from around the industry. Follow now.

Justine JordanJustine Jordan: Justine is currently the VP of marketing for the email platform Litmus and an expert on email marketing. She previously worked as a designer but now acts as both an email marketer and speaker. As someone who, in her own words, “loves email,” her Twitter account is full of useful links and entertaining thoughts about digital marketing. You can follow her to discover the ways email marketing is still relevant to anyone, especially if you use marketing automation software. Follow now.

Michael LeanderMichael Leander: Michael has been working as a digital marketer since 1995. He is an award-winning speaker and trainer, informing professionals on a variety of topics in the broader enterprise marketing space. He delivers speeches for marketing events all around the world and focuses his presentations on practical evidence. Michael is also the founder of Markedu and often shares news stories on the latest trends and events in marketing, including marketing automation. Follow now.

Neil PatelNeil Patel: Neil is one of the most recognized voices in marketing. His marketing blog receives over two million visitors per month, and his podcast (co-hosted by Eric Siu) features daily episodes on marketing tips and strategies, currently with over 700 episodes and going strong. He covers every aspect of marketing imaginable, from marketing channels businesses aren’t using to optimal pricing for products. His Twitter account is the best place to see all the content he puts out daily. Follow now.

Maria PergolinoMaria Pergolino: The chief marketing officer for Anaplan, Maria Pergolino has also previously worked for Apttus and Marketo. She has created several pieces of multimedia content, webinars, and white papers on marketing and is a highly-renowned speaker who has presented at several events and conferences. She posts details on these events, as well as shares stories from the marketing world, on Twitter account. Follow now.

Joe PulizziJoe Pulizzi: Joe is the founder of the Content Marketing Institute and the author of several marketing books, including Killing Marketing and Content Inc.. He often tweets out advice for marketers that touch on a variety of topics, including marketing trends and best practices, content marketing tips, and broader strategies. Joe is also the co-founder of The Orange Effect FoundationFollow now.

Sean SiSean Si: Sean is the founder and editor-in-chief of SEO Hacker, a resource for marketing professionals and readers looking for news and information on the ever-changing world of SEO. He’s also the founder of Qeryz, a survey tool for websites. He also has a personal blog where he shares his personal opinions on the marketing industry and the workshops he offers his followers. Follow him for insights into the technologies and best practices you should be aware of. Follow now.

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