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BlueVenn Launches New Email Channel Within Its Omnichannel Marketing Hub

BlueVenn Launches Email Channel Within Its Omnichannel Marketing Hub

BlueVenn Launches Email Channel Within Its Omnichannel Marketing Hub

BlueVenn has recently launched a new email marketing channel within its multi-channel marketing automation engine. This will enable users to design, execute, and automate more targeted and personalized email communications and combine email marketing with other online and offline channels. Although BlueVenn already integrates with most email marketing platforms, having its own release offers customers extra choice, with the additional benefit of granular content personalization.

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BlueVenn is a unified customer data management, compliance, and customer journey orchestration platform, with analytics and machine learning, to drive targeted personalized engagements. With drag & drop customer analytics, segmentation, and predictive tools, Blue Venn enables marketers to tap into data science and optimize customer touch-points. Predictive analytics wizards, attribution, and RFV models provide users with out-of-the-box segments, predictions, and insights to identify various opportunities.

The new BlueVenn email channel offers the functionality needed to produce template-driven email designs and other creative materials. Its greatest benefit is the volume of merge tags and special links (such as trackable URLs, social media links, and unsubscribe buttons) that can be added into an email to drive personalization, including offers, graphics, and copy.

Steve Klin, CEO of BlueVenn says: “The things most ESPs aspire to, like multi-channel campaign management and customer analytics, require an underlying data model that most email marketing solutions cannot achieve without rewriting the solution from the ground up. Marketers don’t just want to send emails, they want to send a personalized communication on whatever channel is important to the customer. The reality, however, is that email is still a batch and blast marketing tool, disconnected from other online and offline channels. This new functionality ensures that marketers can evolve a multi-channel methodology powered by the true Single Customer View that a CDP provides.”

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