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MultiVu Announces Release of Digital Content Studio

MultiVu Announces Release of Digital Content Studio

MultiVu Announces Release of Digital Content Studio

MultiVu has recently announced its new Digital Content Studio (DCS) which gives agencies and brands flexible access to a full suite of landing page creation capabilities. These options enable quick turnaround of engaging digital content to support shifting PR, Comms, and Marketing initiatives. DCS will empower users to diversify and amplify their brand’s content ecosystem, whether they are trying to reach media, consumers, broad audiences, or niche demographics.

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MultiVu is the strategic team at Cision dedicated to the creation and targeted distribution of creative content. Their award-winning diverse pool of industry-leading talent are extremely passionate about partnering with clients, bringing best-in-class stories and concepts to life, and getting those stories to the audiences who want to experience them most.

The creation of microsites and marketing content is moving at a record-breaking pace, and markets are consuming media faster than ever. It has been estimated that content marketing worldwide will increase by 16% annually through 2021. With MultiVu’s DCS, organizations will be able to create high-quality digital content in order to amplify their various marketing and communications efforts. Regardless of intended audience, MultiVu can help you identify a solution that best fits your use case – from content amplification to media-only resources.

“There’s tension between what communicators need in the moment and how quickly internal resources can crank it out,” says Rebecca Cuffley-Wagner, Product Manager. “MultiVu’s revamped digital product suite is tailored to brands and agencies who can empathize with that statement. These products and services are meant to supplement existing content, and while each option comes with some distributions on their own, we’re also well-stocked with a plethora of earned and paid strategies that can help you smash through any key goals.”

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