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Entravision Announces Launch of Entravision Digital

Entravision Announces Launch of Entravision Digital

Entravision Announces Launch of Entravision Digital

Entravision Communications Corporation has recently announced the launch of Entravision Digital, which consolidates the digital reach, data, creative, and programmatic capabilities of its technology platforms, providing a full-funnel marketing stack that empowers brands and apps to optimize their marketing operations and drive business results.

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Entravision Digital provides a comprehensive offering of digital media and technology solutions that empower marketers to reach consumers in every screen and on every format.  Entravision Digital’s global reach, rich data, innovative creative and comprehensive programmatic solutions adapt to each marketing need.  Entravision Digital offers solutions capabilities that provide insights and data-based solutions with machine learning technologies built for performance; digital media capabilities with impactful consumer reach, powered by differentiated creativity, content and influencers; and unique platforms that deliver results-oriented solutions with a strong focus on customer care and long-term business development.

Entravision Digital includes Entravision’s Smadex’s programmatic mobile-first DSP solution; AudioEngage, its audio advertising platform; ScrollerAds, its optimized video advertising marketplace; Dataxpand, its international data management platform and audience marketplace with consumer insights; and its U.S. Hispanic marketing solutions for small and medium enterprises and national advertisers.

“By combining our comprehensive digital capabilities into Entravision Digital, advertisers and agencies have a single source to access a rich combination of audiences, media, performance solutions, and consumer insights,” says Walter F. Ulloa, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Entravision. “Entravision Digital has a global reach and is an exceptional complement to our television, radio and digital media assets serving the U.S. Hispanic market. We are excited to extend the Entravision brand to these businesses and look forward to continued success in the media technology marketplace.”

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