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Gartner Names Four 2020 Cool Vendors in Multichannel Marketing

Gartner Names Four 2020 Cool Vendors in Sourcing and Procurement for Supply Chain

Gartner Names Four 2020 Cool Vendors in Multichannel Marketing

Gartner’s newest research highlights four 2020 Cool Vendors in Multichannel Marketing that offer innovative alternatives in the marketplace.

Analyst house Gartner, Inc. has released its newest research highlighting four emerging solution providers that marketing and automation leaders should consider as compliments, additions, or potential replacements for their existing architectures. The 2020 Cool Vendors in Multichannel Marketing report features information on startups that offer some disruptive capability or opportunity not common to the marketplace. Gartner analysts Noah Elkin, Benjamin Bloom, and Joseph Enever compiled the materials for this report.

Solutions Review’s editors have read the complete report, which is available here, and want to take the opportunity to provide a brief, independent introduction to each of the cool vendors listed. Though Gartner’s process for selecting Cool Vendors is somewhat mysterious, we believe our unique view of the space can help you to better understand how these analytics solutions will fit into the marketplace as time goes on.

Bluecore allows marketers to deliver responsive, individualized cross-channel campaigns at scale. This vendor defies easy categorization; its solution addresses pain points around personalized, triggered email, while also offering capabilities in the greater realm of personalization and website experience. Bluecore is a good choice for growth-oriented marketing teams in the retail/digital commerce vertical who are looking for an email-marketing focused solution.

eTrigue helps complex organizations scale, manage, and measure through-channel partner marketing programs with automation and predictive capabilities. Its solution automates the creation and execution of multichannel campaigns, including essential activities such as lead scoring and reporting. eTrigue is a good choice for marketers in complex B2B2C or B2B2B organizations that need to manage data sharing and marketing automation in conjunction with multiple channel patterns and sales stakeholders.

Exponea offers omnichannel campaign management and orchestration and A/B testing capabilities alongside comprehensive customer data and profile management. It incorporates distinct elements of customer data management, segmentation, orchestration, AI/ML, and advanced analytics. Online retailers have found value in this vendor’s recommendations capability and out-of-the-box AI algorithms. Exponea is a good choice for marketers working in retail, travel, or hospitality, as well as those offering recurring memberships.

Simon’s offering is built for marketing teams working to orchestrate multistep, multilayered customer journeys in environments that have both data complexity and high scale. This vendor’s cross-channel experimentations capabilities enable teams to conduct controlled tests of content, message, or multistep campaign across channels. Its solution is more flexible than many other marketing cloud solutions, and has a high adoption rate among digitally native brands. Simon is a good choice for marketers in enterprise organizations that have complex, high-volume data demands.

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