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HeyOrca Unveils Integration With Graphic Design Tool Canva

HeyOrca Unveils Integration With Graphic Design Tool Canva

HeyOrca Unveils Integration With Graphic Design Tool Canva

HeyOrca recently announced its brand new integration with Canva, which allows its users to easily create professional-looking graphics and images. Pictures, videos, and other visual content continue to perform well on social media, and brands that invest in and create visual content will reap the benefits. With this integration, HeyOrca users have another channel to create engaging social content, while retaining the functionality and flexibility of the HeyOrca platform.

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Canva allows its users to design virtually anything, and publish to pretty much every location possible. Whether you’re an expert designer or you have no experience with InDesign and Photoshop, Canva is approachable and easy to use. Features include a custom chart, diagram, or graph maker, photo editing, and the ability to have designs physically printed and delivered to a location. This integration will particularly benefit companies that place a heavy focus on design and creative visual content.

Canva has thousands of templates to choose from, and each one is fully customizable. Easily schedule images, videos, and other pieces of content to maintain your brand image across every channel. Canva’s design library lays out the correct dimensions for all posts based on social media platform, reducing time spent experimenting with and erroneously adjusting content to fit the intended social media platform. 

Whether you’re a longtime user of HeyOrca and Canva, or you’re looking for a new tool to bring your brand’s visual appeal to the next level, HeyOrca’s new Canva integration is sure to address your needs. To learn more about this announcement, click here.

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