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Iterable Announces New Metadata-Driven Personalization Feature

Iterable Announces New Metadata-Driven Personalization Feature

Iterable Announces New Metadata-Driven Personalization Feature

Growth marketing platform vendor Iterable has recently announced the release of its newest tool, known as Catalog. Catalog utilizes metadata for deep personalization at database-wide scale. Utilizing different elements such as prices, images, and location, Catalog builds relevant content and offers based on selected metadata. This allows marketers to create highly targeted, highly personalized content for all sorts of customers and audiences.

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Catalog brings its users three core benefits. First, Catalog drives content personalization with dynamic product recommendations tailored to each customer. This allows marketers to create campaigns based on pre-owned metadata. Second, Content can be created based on a variety of elements, including geolocation data. No matter where customers are, they’ll receive relevant suggestions and recommendations. Third, Catalog was created with usability and efficiency in mind. Personalized content lists, known as Collections, can be created in minutes. This also allows users to generate different collections of personalized content to different individuals within the same workflow.

Catalog offers several other useful features such as:

  • Platform-native UI unique to Iterable
  • Usable platform designed to empower marketers
  • Expanded A/B testing features
  • Out-of-the-box functionality

“Iterable’s Catalog is the first solution to deliver this level of individualization at database-wide scale across an unlimited number of data points in a brand’s product portfolio. It will move the MarTech landscape into the next generation and empower modern marketers to customize every step of the customer journey,” says Justin Zhu, CEO & Co-Founder of Iterable.

To read more about Iterable and Catalog, click here. 

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