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Lemnisk Unveils Significant CDP Platform Enhancements

Lemnisk Unveils Significant CDP Platform Enhancements

Lemnisk Unveils Significant CDP Platform Enhancements

Lemnisk has recently announced the general availability of key features and enhancements to its product offering. The platform has been further upgraded this year with various enhancements, including probabilistic user data stitching across various data sources, AI-based product recommendations, support for retail and e-commerce verticals, as well as deeper app personalization capabilities. These features are now available on a new and intuitive user interface.

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Lemnisk Customer Data Platform delivers superior customer experiences that result in increased conversions, retention, and growth for enterprises. The key capabilities include: uniquely resolving a user in real-time across different data sources and channels; creating 1:1 personalized experiences for each user across multiple marketing channels; orchestrating individual customer journeys on the right channels at the right time using a proprietary in-built AI engine called Ramanujan

The company is committed to building products around the key needs of its customers – acquiring new customers, engaging at scale with existing users, and driving improved ROI from the existing marketing stack and initiatives. Earlier this year, Lemnisk also expanded its support for verticals outside Banking, Insurance, and Financial Services. Customers in Retail, E-Commerce, Travel and Hospitality, and other verticals can also sign up for this vendor’s proven Customer Data Platform.

“Our goal in 2020 is to effectively use our platform in tackling COVID-19 and the post pandemic digital imperative for our clients. With an AI-powered CDP as the bedrock, real-time marketing automation can transcend to a whole new level for marketers. Lemnisk’s tightly integrated and organic customer data platform can be a single tool that can effectively play the role of a first party DMP, Marketing Automation and Multi-Channel Personalization combined. This can bring significant simplification and cost efficiencies for marketers in the current environment,” says Subra Krishnan, CEO of Lemnisk..

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