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Litmus Announces Completely Revamped Email Marketing Platform

Litmus Announces Completely Revamped Email Marketing Platform

Litmus Announces Completely Revamped Email Marketing Platform

Litmus, a provider of powerful email marketing solutions, has announced its newly revamped product. The entire Litmus platform has been refreshed with new features and quality of life improvements. This includes bringing various capabilities to a centralized dashboard, new email folder storage, increased project visibility, and more. The new Litmus is available for all accounts, and users can switch between versions while adjusting.

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The new Litmus is focused on streamlining workflows and making tasks easier. Users can now build, test, review, and analyze their emails in a single seamless view. Additionally, now users can easily toggle between various tools without having to re-upload their email to each one. Whether you’re updating your code, or analyzing insights, your emails are easily accessible.

Litmus has also added the ability to store and organize emails in folders. This makes it easier to organize campaigns by client, department, campaign type, or any other customizable filter. To complement these storage features, users can now view the status of every project in a centralized location. The Summary view lets users set due dates, descriptions, and statuses for emails, or you can create customizable tasks lists.

“The new Litmus solution has streamlined our email creation, testing, and review process, eliminating the back and forth of hopping between tools and saving us approximately 2-3 hours per email.” says Andrea Goreczky, Email Development Specialist at Topgolf, a client of Litmus. “Plus, with the new folder system, it’s never been easier to organize and store our emails across our various ESPs in one central, easy-to-search spot.”

Want to learn more about the updated Litmus Platform? Click here.

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