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Silvercrest Announces Integrated Social Media Listening Features

Silvercrest Announces Integrated Social Media Listening Features

Silvercrest Announces Integrated Social Media Listening Features

Silvercrest has recently announced the release of a new social media listening feature for its robust propriety martech portal, Local Marketing Automation Platform (LMap). This tool is able to track, interpret, and learn what is being discussed on a variety of social media channels. Brands can create Listening Rules to ensure that responses occur in an appropriate and timely manner. Other rules and workflows can be created depending on the unique needs of individual brands.

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Silvercrest is a technology company dedicated to delivering sophisticated marketing and media solutions. Founded in 2011, this vendor is dedicated to delivering brand solutions for franchise and multi-unit organizations with the combination of proprietary technology, customer data, marketing needs, and media buying, harnessed in one sophisticated yet simple platform: LMap. Silvercrest’s technological innovation and custom-built tools can simplify franchise brand’s national and local marketing needs, from Territory & Data Analysis, Media Planning & Buying, National Ad Budget Tools, to Email Marketing and Social Media Management.

Most social media marketing platforms enable multi-unit social media management, with a secondary tier of other services. This leaves brands to cobble together marketing technology offerings to create a cohesive martech stack to service their needs. With an integrated social listening feature, in addition to the various other useful features available within LMap, Silvercrest enables marketers and enterprises to further the reach of their advertising and increase the value of their efforts.

“We strive to find ways to enable locations and local franchisees to communicate with their customers in a way that still meets the overall brand standards. Identifying workflows and pathways to facilitate and enable both the local store and the brand to work in harmony is holistically gratifying and is one of the core purposes of our technological innovations,” says William Rodriguez, President and Co-Founder of Silvercrest.

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