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What to Expect During the MarTech Insight Jam on December 5th

What to Expect During the MarTech Insight Jam on December 5th

Solutions Review Set to Host First Marketing Technology Insight Jam

What is the Solutions Review MarTech Insight Jam? What marketing, social media, and other information can you expect to learn from it? How can you participate? We seek to answer these questions as we build-up to the first-ever MarTech Insight Jam on December 5th!

What is the MarTech Insight Jam? 

On December 5th, we will host an unprecedented social media day covering marketing automation and enterprise technology in detail! During the MarTech Insight Jam, we plan to share our own best practices, as well as best practices from top MarTech experts and vendors from across the world. Additionally, we plan to share customer success stories, general advice, and their predictions for how the MarTech space will shift in 2020.

You can see all of it unfold on Twitter and LinkedIn under the hashtag #MarTechInsightJam.

Do You Have a Schedule for the MarTech Insight Jam? 

Absolutely, we plan on taking the day by storm!

First, we start at 8:30 AM EST; the conversation will revolve around how organizations can evaluate and select a marketing automation solution.

Then, at 10:00 AM, we host an open tech chat—The Morning Dose. We’ll discuss MarTech best practices personally, and exchange our thoughts with everyone! The open tech chat should conclude around 10:30 AM when we resume sharing advice on evaluating and selecting MarTech solutions.

We plan to wrap up this conversation around 12:00 PM. Afterward, we’ll shift the conversation to MarTech best practices, and focusing on what makes practitioners and customers successful. At 2:00 PM, we will host a second open tech chat called the Re-Up! This conversation, we’ll cover both customer success and predictions for 2020. Once that conversation ends around 2:30 PM, we’ll share expert predictions and trends for the new year.

From there, we will continue sharing predictions until we wrap up the MarTech Insight Jam at 8:30 PM.

What Will Be Discussed At the Morning Dose Conversation? 

Here, we present a sampling of the questions we plan on sharing during the Morning Dose open tech chat:

  • What are three key software capabilities organizations should consider while evaluating a selecting a marketing automation solution? Why?
  • What use-cases, issues, challenges, or other factors should indicate to organizations it is time to update or replace their marketing automation solution?
  • What’s better: on-premise or in the cloud? What are benefits from deploying MarTech in the cloud rather than on-premise?
  • What MarTech modules or capabilities do you find most important to your businesses unique needs or demands? Why?

However, this shouldn’t be considered a definitive list of questions. We’re still cooking up some excellent conversation starters for the chat!

What Will Be Discussed at the Re-Up Conversation? 

Unlike the Morning Dose, the Re-Up conversation at 2:00 PM EST will focus predictions and emerging MarTech trends. Therefore questions asked during the chat may include:

  • Do you have any outside predictions or perhaps more radical thoughts on what 2020 may bring to the MarTech space?
  • What recent MarTech innovations and trends provided the most benefit to your organization?

Of course, just like the above, we’ll have more questions on offer during the chat itself!

How Do I Participate in the MarTech Insight Jam? 

To participate in the MarTech Insight Jam, simply use the hashtag #MarTechInsightJam on Twitter and LinkedIn. Keep an eye on the feed, participate in the chat, share your thoughts!

It’s That Simple? 

Yes, it is that simple! We’re modeling this day after the world famous World Backup Day on Twitter.

Can Anyone Participate? 

The more the merrier! There is no cost to participate in the Jam, and you can actively participate as much as you would like! Want to join one of the conversations but not the other? That’s okay! Feel free to comment, question, or otherwise chat about any of the content we release throughout the day!

Can I Still Contribute Content to the MarTech Insight Jam? 

Of course! We hope this forum can be a unifying social media day for all those in the industry, and welcome industry analysts, solution providers and end-users to weigh in – including sharing their own best practices content using the hashtag – #MarTechInsightDay. You can submit your content at

Hope to see you at the MarTech Insight Jam on December 5th!

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