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Exabeam Announces Threat Intelligence and Case Management Updates

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Exabeam Announces Threat Intelligence and Case Management Updates

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Just today, SIEM and security management solution provider Exabeam made two announcements concerning their existing suite of products.

Firstly, the vendor announced a new threat intelligence service aptly called the Exabeam Threat Intelligence Service. This is a cloud-based option offering threat indicator aggregation from multiple online sources. According to the press release, it will be folded into the existing Exabeam Security Management Platform.

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The Exabeam Threat Intelligence Service can collect evidence such as suspicious IP addresses, blacklisted IP addresses, known phishing URLs, etc. It will also allow analysts to leverage the intelligence into their products, automate investigation playbooks, and trigger alerts.

CEO Nir Polak said in a statement: “Threat intelligence has always been a good idea but hard to use in practice. The problem is that using the intel is a manual process that eats up an analyst’s time.”

Simultaneously, the vendor announced an updated case management module into their Exabeam Advanced Analytics and Exabeam Entity Analytics products. Both of these products offer UEBA. The module is designed to help enterprise security teams organize and streamline their response efforts.   

This new module also provides a customizable user interface designed for security team workflows and easy incident resolution.

In a statement Sylvain Gil, Co-Founder and Vice President of Products, said: “Many security analysts are using generic IT service management tools to automate their security operations…Not only are these tools not customized for security applications, but they are not integrated into the security detection and investigation tools used by the analyst.”

Exabeam was recently named #12 in the Inc. 5000 List and announced a successful Series D funding round. Their CEO was named to the 10 Coolest SIEM CEOs by Solutions Review. The vendor is currently hosting their inaugural user conference Spotlight 18.  

You can read the full press release on the Threat Intelligence Service here and on the Case Management Module here.

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