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Digital Business Redefines Talent Management

Automating Your HR Processes for an Easier Workday

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This short 22-slide presentation, presented by John Kostoulas, the Research Director focused on Human Capital Management (HCM) technologies and processes at Gartner, provides key insights into the different ways technology and digital business initiatives are reshaping the way organization manage their talent. Some of what’s included in the slideshare are the key themes for talent management re-definition, examples of how talent management responsibilities are shifting and the impact Artificial Intelligence (AI) has on decision-making and the workforce of organizations.

Looking for more? Download our Talent Management Buyer’s Guide for free to compare the top 24 Talent Management and HR Tech vendors head to head (you will find these three major players). The guide also includes 4 key capabilities to consider while selecting a new solution and 10 questions to ask yourself and the vendor before purchasing.

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